There has never been a time like this during most of our lifetimes. A large chunk of the population is stuck in their home for weeks on end with no work. After a few days of this, people start to get a little stir crazy. Stand out from the majority of the population and use this time for production instead of playing through all the content on Netflix.

During the normal, daily grind of work and/or school, most of us fantasize about what they would do if they had time to learn something new. No excuses anymore, this is the best time in recent history. Plus, most of us have access to the internet which has answers and tutorials to endless possibilities. Now is the time to learn something new that you haven’t had time to before this global pandemic!

Where do I even start? Here is a list of some things that you can do with resources that most of us have at home:

– Dream of starting your own business? There are countless free resources out there to build a foundation of knowledge about the industry you want to join. You can find demographics and other basic information at Figure out how to make that dream a reality. If you don’t do it when you have all this extra time, when will you ever get around to it?

– Write/Play Music. Maybe you have a guitar or piano that you never play sitting around. Maybe you are creative and can write some killer music. Time to hone those skills and create something beautiful. Plus, you can find tutorials for playing any instrument on YouTube.

– Learn a New Language. It is such a valuable skill and expands your possibilities for travel and for business. Plus, you can learn a lot about different cultures. With programs like Rosetta Stone, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

– Physical Fitness. Yea, I get it. You don’t have all of the fancy tools that your local gym has at home. Still not a valid excuse to do nothing. There are hundreds of weight-free exercises out there. Plus, there are so many things in the yard/house that can be used for exercise. You can always run or go to a local playground (monkey bars are a great tool) as well. It might not be a perfect solution for you specific goals, but the key to fitness is habit. Keep putting in the effort and building the habit so you don’t struggle to get back at it once everything goes back to normal.

– Deep Cleaning. Of course we had to slip this one in since we are a cleaning company and all! It is so true though. There are some major cleaning projects that go way beyond standard stuff. Wall washing, chimney cleaning, furniture shampooing, grout scrubbing, cleaning out that garage/storage space, dryer vents, behind/under appliances, gutters, and many more. There is always something to clean. This is a great time to tackle those tough, time consuming tasks.

– Lawn Education. There are a lot of us out there that are clueless on how to take care of our lawn. Time to do some research so you can have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood! It truly goes way beyond just watering. There is a lot of prep and seasonal tasks to properly take care of it. Do a little digging (on the internet) and find some dirt (info) on proper lawn care.

In conclusion, there are no excuses during this shutdown to not learn at least one new skill. Don’t be like the majority of the population who is just going to lay back and wait it out. Take action and improve yourself! We only named 6 skills, but you definitely are not limited to just that. Figure out what you have been wanting to do/learn and cease the day!