There are so many companies out there that want to act like they are too big to talk to it’s clients. They make you jump through hoops just to communicate with someone. The worst part is, your thought or opinion is often dismissed if you do get ahold of someone. Luckily, there are companies that realize that it’s clients are the reason they are here in the first place.

Usually small businesses are the easiest to communicate with. That is simply because they don’t have as many client’s opinions to sift through. The owner is at their business often, and they are usually easy to access. That is why supporting local small businesses can be so valuable. Currency, for the most part, is kept in the city and you are experiencing something local that you can have influence on.

Sweep is unique in that we are a local business, but we don’t have a storefront. Luckily, it is easy to communicate with me (the owner), because any contact info listed ultimately leads to me. Sweep values feedback and suggestions, and are obsessed with constantly improving. We will always respond and continue the conversation with you about why or why not something is the way it is. You truly can be immersed in the process of growing with us…how exciting is that!?

What happens if Sweep expands out of Grand Rapids? Won’t it become just like any other larger company? Nope. Sweep has been structured to be managed locally anywhere it expands. That means local cleaners and management at any location. Since we would be managed locally, it would be the same effect in that contact info would go straight to whomever is managing that region. Changes and communication can be made locally as well if there is an issue or opportunity that is area specific.

Overall, Sweep is at a stage right now where we are susceptible to influence. Get in the conversation with us, tell us your thoughts, or share some feedback. You truly have an opportunity to help us in our journey and to become a part of the story! Clients are the lifeblood to any business, so stick with the businesses that value your feedback.