My Morning Routine

A morning routine is an underrated, yet vital part of starting your day. It sets the tone for how your day is going to go. If you are able to give yourself a sense of direction and accomplishment, it can domino and make the whole day great!

There are hundreds of things you can do to fit your needs to create a successful morning routine. I want to give you mine (Chris Randall) so that you can maybe use it to help build your own.

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I make my side of the bed (my wife is usually still sleeping). This acts as an instant small accomplishment to help fuel you forward.

After that, I do 5 – 15 minutes of guided meditation. This clears my head and makes me present in the moment. It allows me to better focus on one thing at a time versus stressing about everything that I have to do that day.

Then, I eat a cup of Greek yogurtfill my tumbler with water, and take a multivitamin. That way, I am starting the day with a healthy diet choice, and I will always have water around me so that I can consume more throughout the day.

Finally, I sit at the dining room table and fill out a planner for my day. This is a habit I started recently, but it has been life changing already. Here is a brief sample of an entry I might use:


I will make massive progress towards meeting my goal of losing 5 pounds this month and love the process.

– I will feel more confident in my body because of it.

– I will increase my physical capabilities to do various activities.

– I will feel physically and mentally better because of it.

*2 Drink 3 Tumblers full of water

*1 Do my leg workout for the day

3 Eat a high quality dinner

4 Take my dog for a walk

5 Stretch at night

The entry above would be the physical fitness part of my daily journal. I typically do 3 entries every morning: physical fitness, marriage, and improve my business.

In the above example, I start off by stating my realistic goal for the month with language that motivates me. After that, I stated 3 outcomes of achieving this goal. This is important because it puts a “why” to what you are doing. Most people get off track from their goals because they forget the “why.”

Finally, I stated the activities I am going to do that day to progress towards my goal. Once you state your activities, rank them in order from most important to least important. After that, put a star next to 2 or 3 of those items that you will absolutely do that day. That way, you know where to start and if you don’t complete everything, it is okay as long as you finish your own personal “must-does.” Pro tip: do one of your written items right away to build momentum.

I like to write these entries because there is science behind retaining the information that you write down. It becomes more real, and it also is easy to refer back to.

After my journal entry, I start my day! I set myself up to succeed every morning. Some days are harder than others, but because I made the morning routine a habit, I always do it and always have a productive start to the day. I would love to hear about your morning routines or if mine helps you map yours out! Email me: chris@sweepllc.com with the subject line “My Morning Routine” to share.

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