Why You Should Take Up Gardening

There’s something to be said for someone who knows how to grow their own food. Having that knowledge can save you a lot of money at the store, and also set you up during crazy times like this Covid 19 pandemic. If there is ever a shortage of food, everyone will be looking to the gardeners. Here are some great reasons to take on the hobby:

1. Provide your own food. You are growing food that is healthy for you. The likelihood of you actually eating it is high too because it is something you are proud of! You also don’t have to worry about it being covered in chemicals like you do with some of the brands at the grocery store. It’ll also save you lots of money in the long run.

2. Important skill to have. There are few things more valuable than having the ability to live off the land. If civilization were to come to an end today, only those who can live off the land would last in the long run. In a more realistic scenario, if there were a shortage on a certain vegetable, you would be able to grow your own instead of fighting over it at the store.

3. Fresh air. In today’s world, there are a lot of things keeping us from going outside. Our minds are constantly being stimulated by a screen. Taking up gardening gets you outside and working with mother nature. You get to learn how the world really works and how to use various tools.

4. Challenging. The brain gets stronger through challenges just like any other muscle. Forcing yourself to learn a new skill like gardening will expand your mental capabilities. You will learn about various plants, tools, fertilizers, etc that you probably had no clue about before.

5. Relaxing. Soon after you master gardening, it isn’t as much of a challenge anymore. At this point it becomes a relaxing part of your day. It can be a great escape from the day to day to be outside in a calm environment.

As you can see, gardening has several benefits. It may be your next favorite thing! After seeing how essential it can be, and seeing the state of the world today, you may change your mind. It is a great hobby for your mental health and physical health if you eat what you grow. Now skip the store and provide for yourself!

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