Take to Humans, Not Bots

Often times, companies like to act large and pretend that they don’t have time for their clients. They can automate just about everything, so they make their clients jump through hoops to reach a real person. The world is already a very impersonal place, so Sweep wants to keep the element of customer service alive.

Automation really is a great thing if used correctly. It allows simple and quick answers to common questions. It also can help take care of multiple clients at a time so that they don’t have to wait. We utilize it in some aspects, but when you are looking to contact a real person you can without going through multiple steps.

We offer a FAQ page on our website for clients to utilize. This will most likely answer a common question you have about Sweep. If you need something unique or specific to your order however, our listed email and phone number direct you to a real person. That way, your problem/question can be resolved quickly without causing you an extra headache on top of whatever you are trying to resolve.

Sweep wants to help you as fast as possible. We also want your experience to be great even if you run into hiccups along the way. That is why we are committed to your being able to reach a real person when in need. We aren’t going to hide behind multiple automated steps like most companies tend to do today. If you need anything, email us at support@sweepllc.com or call 616-929-0165.

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