Apartments are Homes Too!

Does Sweep service apartments? Absolutely! Apartments are homes to a large chunk of the population. We treat apartments just like house cleanings. Make sure to leave the necessary info that we may need for your specific apartment community.

When you order a service for an apartment, make sure you include all necessary details. You follow all the normal steps when creating an order, but make sure you have your specific apartment unit/# on the address. Also, in the notes section of placing an order, make sure to include all other important information. Some apartments have building codes that we would need if you are not present. Others require that someone from the office is present with the cleaner if the resident is not there. In that case, make sure to let us know we have to stop in the office first.

With apartments, condos, and really any living space, the more information the better. The last thing we want is for our cleaner to not be able to enter the space and have to charge a cancelling fee. There is a notes section for a reason, so utilize it. Also, you have access to your cleaner’s phone number in the app if you need to talk them through anything. Any normal living spaces are able to be cleaned by us, so just leave us the proper details and we would be happy to leave you with a clean living space!

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