You ever dream of being the next big musical star? Maybe that extra time saved with Sweep can be enough of a push to get you started. Most of us have had aspirations to win American Idol or play an instrument in front of thousands of people. Whether that is a distant reality or something you are working towards, music can be great for the soul.

Here’s why channeling your musical creativity can be good for you:

 Increases Intelligence. There have been multiple studies concluding that playing an instrument increases memory and reasoning skills.

– Stress Relief. Something about playing an instrument or singing your heart out makes everything else seem to not matter for a little bit. Same thing goes for listening to music. Overall, music can be a great stress relieving tool.

 Increased Confidence. Being able to do something better than the average person is always a great feeling because you know that the work you put in paid off. Whether you are impressing a group of friends/family around a bonfire or on a stage in front of hundreds, learning and perfecting any musical skill is a great and unique achievement.

– Builds Patience. There’s a reason why everyone doesn’t play an instrument or quit early on. It is not easy. It take a lot of time and dedication. There is a steep learning curve when figuring out the inner workings of an instrument and reading/writing music. It could take a full year to see major improvements. Stick with it through the tough stages, and you will bear the fruits of your labor.

– Heightened Creativity. To be able to take your thoughts and create something that expresses those thoughts to the world is an amazing feat. The more you write and play, the more comfortable you will be creating. Having your own musical identity can be a really fulfilling thing, even if you are just putting a spin on music that is not yours.

– Socialization. Most musical instruments are better when combined with others. Playing music can be a fantastic way to meet new people. It can also help with leadership if you are in a more organized setting like a band. It takes a lot of coordination and team work to play with others.

 Increased Happiness. Putting everything together can and will lead to more happiness. At the end of the day, if it is fun and makes you happy, it is worth it. Whether you are nothing more than a shower singer, or the next Alicia Keys, music can be a fantastic part of your life if you genuinely enjoy it.

Overall, music can bring out the best in people. With time and patience, you can become great at it and truly enjoy it. You don’t have to be the next big thing to play music. We hope that the time you save with Sweep can motivate you to find joy in a new activity like music!