Cleaning Out Your Vacuum Cleaner

It’s often the tools we use to clean that are neglected to get cleaned. Your vacuum is probably one of your most used tools, and proper upkeep can make it last a whole lot longer for you. Plus, a clean vacuum does a better job at cleaning and keeping allergens out of the air when in use.

Here are some cleaning tips for your vacuum:

1. Unplug it.

2. Empty its canister or remove/replace the filter bag.

3. Soak the vacuum filter in warm soapy water (if your vacuum allows) and rinse out and wipe the canister. You can also soak other components in warm soapy water too if your owner’s manual permits. If not, use a dry dust cloth.

4. Remove beater brush and cut out any hairs and threads from the beater brush with scissors.

5. Examine the belt and beater brush for cracks and/or excessive wear and tear and replace if necessary.

6. Spray and wipe down any other accessible internal/external components and the housing of the vacuum with diluted vinegar.

7. Clean out the hose by soaking it in warm/soapy water. You can use something like a broomstick to dislodge any potential clogs. You can also wrap the end of the broomstick with a thin towel to be able to wipe the inside edges of the hose. Be careful not to damage it.

8. Every 6 months, replace your HEPA filter. This keeps allergens from being exhausted back into your home.

9. Make sure the vacuum is completely dry before operating again.

Tip: During normal use, never let the canister/bag get more than ¾ full.

A clean vacuum will lead to a cleaner home. Plus, it will increase its longevity so you don’t have to replace/repair it as often. Never forget to clean and take care of your cleaning tools so they can perform at optimum capacity! Do you have any other tips that have been successful for you?

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