Rating and Tipping Cleaners

FAQ important to rate Sweepers

Sweep wants to provide you the opportunity to award a cleaner if he/she went above and beyond your expectations. After they complete an order, you are able to rate and tip them through the app. We made it so that it is super convenient for you to be able to do. Here are some reasons why it is important for you to participate in rating and/or tipping.

– Tipping. Tipping shows the cleaner that you recognized the extra effort they put in for you. It is absolutely not necessary, but it is greatly appreciated by our cleaners. 100% of the tip goes directly to them.

– Rating. Rating your cleaner is important for a few reasons. First, it allows other clients to see what kind of quality cleaner they have coming to their home because it is public. It sets a standard. Cleaners must maintain above a 3-star average to remain with Sweep.

Second, our Sweepers are paid more over time from 5-star ratings. We have a unique payment system that rewards top cleaners. They can unlock higher tiers of payment with the more 5-star ratings they receive. If you were satisfied with the work of a cleaner, help them out with a 5-star rating so they can increase their long term earnings!

Having tipping and ratings are beneficial to both clients and cleaners. For clients, it allows you to easily show how happy you were with the service. For cleaners, it encourages them to go above and beyond to earn more money! It really is a win-win situation.

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