Sweep’s primary aim is to help out busy professionals and business owners who lack the time to keep up with their homes/apartments. Need to stay late? Feeling extra stress lately? Coming home to a clean home definitely eases those worries. Sweep goes the extra mile to take cleaning off of your plate. Here are some of the things we do to make receiving a cleaning more convenient:

– App on your phone. The power to clean your whole home at the push of a button is a reality on our compact mobile application. We designed it to be user friendly so you can order from it without confusion.

– Quick ordering. Ordering cleanings takes a couple minutes, tops. Everything is laid out step by step, and you just adjust specifications to your cleaning. Once you have made an order, there is a “Reorder” option that fills everything in as you had it. That way if you aren’t making any changes next time, or only need to make a few, it will go by even quicker!

– Pre Priced. All of our rooms and add on items are pre priced and based on a slightly above average room/add on service. By doing this, we save you the trouble of receiving a quote and will know the cost immediately. We have found that most homes (even very large), have rooms or “areas” that generally fit into an average size. There are exceptions to every rule. Pricing can be adjusted on the spot with your cleaner if there is a discrepancy. More floor space doesn’t always equate to more cleaning, so why waste your time trying to figure out the specifics when we can just let you know on the spot?

– Order from anywhere. Since we are on the web and an app, you can order a cleaning from anywhere. If you are working late and decide you wont be able to get around to cleaning, you could order a Sweep cleaning and come home to a clean house! Just make sure your cleaner can enter your property if you aren’t there.

– No worries. Sweep also takes the risk/worries out of ordering a cleaning. We are fully bonded and insured which protects against theft and damage. All cleaners are background checked as well.

In summary, we want to help the busy professional by easing their stress levels. In order to succeed and to be the best, you need to go above and beyond the competition. Sweep allows you some extra time to be able to do that! We want to see you succeed. Be sure to let us know how we have helped you as well, we love a good success story.