It’s hard to decide which companies you can trust these days. There are probably multiple lists out there that have your info on them. This is why you receive so much spam and marketing from random companies. They didn’t get your info by accident, they most likely bought a list that was sold to them.

Public information is getting easier and easier to access with social media being so prevalent. Lots of companies that get your info for their business also sell your info to other companies that want leads. You know the “privacy policy” and “terms and conditions” pages that you always skip through? That is where you are technically giving them permission to give out your information.

It isn’t always practical to read through every conditions page out there. Most of it is redundant, and if it is a product/service that you really want, you can’t move forward without agreeing to it. It’s not a perfect system at this point in time. The best thing you can do is limit the random sites you are going to and to use the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of those spammy emails.

Sorry to stir up your paranoia, but it’s the truth. If it helps, Sweep does not sell your info to any lists. Whether you are subscribing to our blog, or using our website and/or app for services, your info is safe with us. Privacy should be a right, but it is treated more like a privilege today. At the very least, we want to help lessen the amount of junk mail you receive. We are in the business of cleaning houses, not selling information. Using our services should be a worry free process that leads to an all around great experience!

Overall, we just want to make you aware that your personal information is not an easy thing to keep to yourself. Be careful which sites you are going to, and read the conditions carefully if you are making a purchase on a site you don’t normally use. Get off those email lists by unsubscribing, and your junk mail will start to dwindle down over time. Sweep is not going to sell your information, so feel free to browse and purchase our services without a worry in the world. We just want to make the world a cleaner place, including in your inbox.