There are a lot of options when it comes to finding cleaners. Sweep offers a premium cleaning service, that provides high quality cleanings at the ultimate convenience. With that being said, you can utilize our services to customize your needs and save you money.

Customized Cleanings. With Sweep, you can order anything from a single room, to the whole house. Custom cleanings save you money because you are paying for what you actually want and need. If you keep up with your living room and bedroom really well, you could rely on Sweep to take care of your kitchen and bathroom. We also take on additional tasks like cleaning your fridge, oven, windows, dishes, and folding laundry. There are so many different combinations you could make for the perfect fit.

Order When You Want. You aren’t limited to a set schedule or monthly payment with Sweep. We allow you to order as often, or as little as you would like. With the option of scheduling only 2 hours in advance, to a whole month, we offer you the chance to get a custom cleaning whenever it fits your schedule. No scheduling your day around you cleaning service. Order from work, the grocery store, or the comfort of your own home! You save money because you can order only when you really need a cleaning.

Standard Cleanings. Sweep doesn’t lack in our cleaning quality either. Don’t waste your time with the “cheap” companies that do a sub-par job, only to make you finish cleaning what they missed. We’ll do it right the first time from top to bottom. If not, we’ll come back and fix the problem. We use cleaning professionals who have vast knowledge in the industry to use various products and techniques that suit your specific living situation.

Our standard cleanings also save you money because they are basic top to bottom cleanings. You aren’t paying for extra tasks like carpet cleaning or furniture shampooing. Although those types of services are great once in a while, they aren’t necessary every cleaning. With Sweep, you are paying for the basics, and we do that extremely well with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fully Insured. Sweep AND our cleaners are insured. We take insurance very seriously because you should feel 100% comfortable that you have nothing to lose when ordering a cleaning. Some people will never feel comfortable enough to have strangers come into their home to clean, and that is fine. If you are on the fence, however, just know that we’ve got your back and invest in your piece of mind. We cover damage, theft, and any form of cyber theft through our technology. This saves you lots of potential money on replacing stolen or damaged goods, and any lawsuits that would come with it. Just order your cleaning worry free and let us take care of you.

All in all, Sweep is designed to fit into your lifestyle. You shouldn’t have to work around your cleaner’s schedule. We are a premium cleaning service that comes at the ultimate convenience to you. Since we focus on efficiency and convenience, it translates to you saving a lot of money on cleaning services! Check out our app and see how easy it is to place an order!