Support West Michigan Business

As weird of a year as it’s been, it has never been more important to support your local communities. As a local business owner, it has really risen my desire to support local. The West Michigan community is unique and fantastic. With our modern and growing city of Grand Rapids, and the beautiful beach towns along the coast of Lake Michigan, there is a wonderful mix of beauty and capitalism.

It is easy to get caught up in the cheapest and easiest options. Just look at Amazon. Super convenient to use, and usually the lowest prices. However, if you haven’t experienced the feel of a locally owned restaurant or shop, you are missing out on a very personalized experience that many would pay a premium for. In a world growing more connected through the internet is a world that is also becoming disconnected from personal relationships.

With Sweep, you obtain the best of both worlds. We provide a competitively priced and ultra convenient service, all while being based out of West Michigan and supporting our local economy. We embrace the world of technology, but also encourage community beyond our phones and the internet. Most of the time I will personally reach out to you for your feedback on the service because I want to get it right and be a light to the community.

Whether or not you use our services is perfectly fine. I just encourage you to try something local this week. Instead of going to Olive Garden or Pizza Hut, try out that local Italian place that you have been wanting to try. To that local company, that purchase means a lot and actually makes a difference. West Michigan is an awesome community, so lets thrive together!

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