What Makes Sweep Cleaners the Best in the Industry?

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Finding quality cleaners is one of the hardest things to do for most cleaning businesses. Why? Cleaning jobs are common jobs for people to apply for just to get a pay check. It’s almost impossible to know if an applicant will be any good until they actually clean. This makes turnover super high, and makes it a hard role to fill with quality applicants. Sweep, however, does not have that same issue.

Sweep is unique in that we don’t hire cleaners. We work with cleaning contractors. This means that we are working with small or independent cleaning businesses and helping them find jobs to do. Why does this improve our quality of cleaner? The answer is accountability and investment. Cleaning businesses are responsible for the costs of their supplies, equipment, and general liability insurance. This initial financial investment (if the cleaner isn’t currently an active independent cleaner) is enough to weed out those who are not serious about cleaning. In fact, the only cleaners that work with us typically love to clean and do a fantastic job!

Aside from financial investment, we also incentivize our cleaners to do a great job. Sweep has 4 tiers of payment that cleaners can receive. These tiers of payment are percentages of each cleaning, and increase progressively the more 5-star reviews that cleaner receives through Sweep clients. This means that a cleaner has the opportunity to earn a bigger piece of the pie with the more quality cleanings they produce!

The icing on the cake to that incentivized pay is that the longer the cleaner is with Sweep, the higher their percent earnings will be from each cleaning assuming they do a great job. This creates loyalty to the Sweep platform and allows us to continue to work with the best of the best cleaners. Many companies tend to forget about those who have been around for a while, but Sweep rewards that and wants to work with the most loyal and high quality cleaners out there!

With that being said, Sweep works with some pretty great people! We are always happy to bring more on board. If you are currently an independent or small cleaning business (2-3 people), then transitioning into Sweep is easy! All you would need is some documentation and to have a chat with the owner. If you currently aren’t involved in cleaning, but want to be a part of Sweep, we would be happy to help you get started! Just know that there is some initial investment into starting a cleaning business. It’s relatively low, but not a good idea if you are strapped for cash. Anyone interested can see all the info they need to make the next step at https://sweepllc.com/become-a-sweeper-cleaner/.

While most cleaning companies struggle with quality cleaners, that is where Sweep thrives! Be a part of Sweep Nation as a Sweeper or a client. Sweepers have huge earning potential while clients have the piece of mind knowing that they are working with quality cleaners who are insured. It’s a win/win situation!

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