Not everyone can say that they love cleaning, but for the rare few that do, Sweep is a fantastic company to work with! Most cleaning professionals would rather run their own cleaning business than to be an employee. There are definitely pros and cons to both, but Sweep offers a great platform to make running your own cleaning business easy!

Cleaning for an employer doesn’t offer the flexibility and pay that you would get from running your own business. However, there is typically a steady stream of work and predictable weekly income with it. Sweep helps cleaning businesses keep their flexible schedules, earn more per job than if employed, and takes away the need for them to participate in marketing to find jobs.

Here’s a few benefits to working with Sweep:

  • Total control of schedule
  • Paid 3-5 days after each job
  • You select the jobs you do
  • Easy to use app to organize and find your cleanings
  • Incentivized pay structure that rewards you for 5-star cleanings and longevity
  • No obligation to work with the same clients
  • Freedom to use whichever supplies/equipment works best for you

With that being said, Sweep is NOT an employer. All cleaners are contractors. As a cleaner, you are responsible for general liability insurance, supplies/equipment, smart phone with data, and a running vehicle. With running any business, there are always startup expenses. Those expenses aren’t very high in cleaning and can be recovered very quickly when working with Sweep. Always keep track of your expenses for tax write-offs at the end of the year!

Overall, working with Sweep can be extremely rewarding. We essentially allow you to run your own cleaning business while providing you with open jobs to take. There are no fees to join Sweep, just the initial cleaning business startup costs. If you currently have a cleaning business, joining Sweep is very easy! Send an email to if you are interested in working with us!