Cleaning brushes are a game changer. When it comes to tight corners, tough gunk, and various cracks, brushes are my go-to tool. Brushes come in various forms, and need to be cleaned regularly. Here’s a few brush types and how they are used:

Dish Brush:

It’s always important to keep a brush by the kitchen sink. Scrub off tough food remnants before loading into the dishwasher (ex. baked on cheese). I always clean my sink with this brush after finishing the dishes as well!

Detail Brush:

These brushes are smaller. Use on tight corners or for small cracks. Personally, I just use a toothbrush, but there are several options for detail brushes on the market. Some things I always use them on is the crease between the sink and counter top, tub/sink drains, and corners of counters.

Toilet Brush:

A good toilet brush is a must have. I keep one in every bathroom. Make sure guests can access these as well!

Scrub Brush:

A big scrub brush with a handle is great to use in the bathroom. I use this for the tub and shower walls regularly.  It does great on tough grime on most surfaces. I sometimes use one of these on the oven if there is a large grease buildup.

Cleaning Your Brushes: 

Typically, a rinse under hot water and air dry will do the trick on most brushes. For brushes that need to be disinfected after each use, spray with hydrogen peroxide and let it airdry. Some brushes have removable heads that can be replaced or washed in the dishwasher as well. Make sure to replace brushes with worn down bristles.