To many, cleaning is just a task that everyone can do. The reality of the subject is that it is much more complicated than that. Cleaning is an artform. From various techniques to multiple cleaning solutions, there are a lot of factors that go into a professional cleaning.

With the hundreds of solutions and polishes aside, there is a technique I have found to be superior to all. It is cleaning with the “S” pattern. What does this mean?
Simply put, the “S” pattern is a way of taking a cleaning tool (rag, sponge, brush, etc) and cleaning a surface in a back and forth “S” pattern. This motion will essentially move from one end, across to the other end, and back and forth without overlapping. Typically, I would start from left to right and work my way down a surface. This way nothing is missed, and no clean areas are overlapped.

What makes this superior to the most common method…the  “O” pattern? It’s simple…the “O” pattern overlaps the same areas over and over again as your tool gets dirtier and dirtier. It is not effective for basic surface cleaning. The “S” pattern never recontaminates a clean surface. Is there a time and place for the “O” pattern? Sure! mainly when working at something tough that needs to be scraped up. Even at that, you will finish up with the “S” for an even polish.

Next time you pick up a rag to clean your table or counter top, think about the “S” pattern! Once you get use to it, it is faster and more efficient than other methods. Let us know if you use any other methods besides the “S” and “O” methods!