Cleaning the outside of an oven is not rocket science. It can sometimes be tough with grease/oil, but there are plenty of products out there to help with that. I want to focus more on the minor details. The things the are often skipped when cleaning the outside of an oven. There are three major components that can take your oven cleaning to the next level (one main one if you have a glass top).

  1. Burner Covers – Those plates that cover your oven burners tend to accumulate grease and dust. Simply wiping them with a cloth or paper towel doesn’t really help. This is because they are typically a stone based material that is not perfectly smooth. Cloths and paper towels often catch on it and leave residue. This is why you need to utilize your sink and scrub them with hot water and soap.
  2. Grates – These are the toughest part to clean because there are so many curves and edges. Wiping them with a cloth or paper towel will fail for the same reason as the burner covers. These can also be scrubbed in the sink with a brush. If they are very large grates, you can take them into the bath tub as well.
  3. Knobs – Nothing grinds my gears more than when someone doesn’t remove the knobs for an oven cleaning. It is a simple task, and is essential! Just wiping them with a cloth isn’t typically effective because off the odd shape and the grease that builds up on them. Plus, you cannot clean the area underneath the knobs if you do not take them off. It is as simple as washing them in the sink with soap and water. Don’t skip this step on any oven!

Other than those three pain points, the rest is obvious. Work your way from the top to the bottom of the oven. After you reassemble everything back together, it should be good as new! Once you realize how simple and effective it is to wash the components in the sink, you will make it a habit every time!