Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips for Airbnb Hosts

airbnb vacation rental cleaning tips

Deep Cleaning is Non-Negotiable:
Before anything else, a thorough deep clean is essential. Focus on areas that might be overlooked during regular cleaning, such as under furniture, high shelves, and corners. Ensure that all surfaces are dust-free, and floors are spotless. Pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen, as these areas significantly influence guest perceptions of cleanliness.

Personal Touches in Bathroom Presentation:
To really impress your guests, consider creative ways to present your bathroom amenities. One unique touch is stamping the toilet paper’s end with a custom stamp, perhaps featuring a simple, elegant design or your Airbnb’s logo if you have one. This small detail can delight guests and enhance the perceived value and professionalism of your listing.

Elevate Your Towel Presentation:
Towel folding can transform how guests perceive their stay. Instead of the standard stack, fold towels into shapes that evoke luxury and attention to detail, such as swans, leaves, or elegant rolls. You can find tutorials online to help you master these techniques, adding an upscale hotel vibe to your rooms.

Organizing the Space for Functionality and Appeal:
Ensure that everything in your Airbnb is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Arrange decorative pillows and throws in a welcoming manner, and consider the placement of all furniture and decor items to maximize space and comfort. Organized spaces not only look better, but they also make it easier for guests to keep the place tidy during their stay.

Stocking Up on Essentials:
Guests appreciate when hosts think of everything. Stock your Airbnb with all the essentials, from toiletries to kitchen supplies. Include extras like coffee, tea, and snacks, and make sure cleaning supplies are available for guests who might want to tidy up during their stay. This not only makes your Airbnb more attractive but also more practical for guests.

Final Touches and Ongoing Maintenance:
Regular maintenance checks are vital to keep your Airbnb in top condition. After each guest departs, replace anything that’s worn out or broken, and reassess each room for potential improvements. Fresh flowers or a small welcome gift can also make a huge impact, showing guests you care about their experience from the moment they step through the door.

If you want to take your Airbnb/Vacation rental to the next level without dealing with it yourself, Sweep can help with the cleaning in between guests! Check out our Vacation Rental page for more information! 

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