Sweep: How it Started and How it Works

Mission of Sweep

Hello, I’m Chris Randall, the founder of Sweep. Sweep is a platform that emerged from my own personal frustrations and the need for a convenient, reliable way to book house cleaning services. My journey into entrepreneurship began during my tenure at Pepsi, where I was often clocking in ten-hour days. The exhaustion of long work hours left me yearning for a quick, effortless method to return to a clean home. Instead, I often walked into a home that looked as if it was struck by a tornado of hair (due to my Siberian husky, Thor). It was during these days that the seed for Sweep was planted.

The idea for Sweep didn’t just come from my own needs; it was also about addressing a common misconception. Many people believe that house cleaning services are a luxury they can’t afford, or they simply don’t know how to access these services effectively. I personally never grew up with a house cleaner, so I always assumed it was a service only for the rich. This gap between services and accessibility inspired me to create a solution that was not only easy to use, but also transparent and affordable. Sweep was designed to eliminate the intimidation and confusion often associated with booking house cleaning services.

Designing an Accessible Platform

At Sweep, we wanted to create something that anyone could navigate at any place and time on our app. The platform provides instant pricing and allows complete customization to fit varying needs, all through a few simple clicks. Whether you need a quick clean-up or a thorough deep clean, our platform makes these options easily accessible without the need to negotiate prices or manage complex bookings. 

For example, we have clients who live in a small 1 bed/1 bath apartment who use Sweep to just come out and clean their kitchen and bathroom every quarter or so. Cleanliness is important to them and time is limited, so they are able to find a way to integrate Sweep into their household while staying within their budget. 

There are other clients who can keep up with the day to day cleaning, but utilize Sweep a few times a year for deep cleaning. Some clients never want to clean again and use our services every single week. There are even clients who just utilize our services before or after family gatherings to take some of the stress out of hosting. Overall, there are countless ways that Sweep can integrate seamlessly into your life.  

Empowering Local Cleaners

Sweep also serves a dual purpose—it’s not just for homeowners but for the cleaners as well. The cleaning industry is scattered with individual cleaners struggling for consistency and visibility. Our platform does more than just connect cleaners with clients; it provides them with a steady stream of work, often at rates higher than what they would charge independently. This setup allows them to focus on what they do best—cleaning—without worrying about marketing, sending invoices, or managing their brand. Many of our Sweepers wind up building a consistent schedule with recurring cleanings. 

We even encourage our cleaners to continue building their own cleaning business if that’s their ultimate goal. As long as they keep their personal and Sweep cleanings separate, we are happy to provide a crutch for them while they try building their own clientele. This is how the majority of our cleaners started. Even after building a solid client base, most of them are still with Sweep to this day, and will always accept cleaning jobs with us because of how simple we make it for them. 

Eliminating Operational Hassles

For our cleaning professionals, Sweep is more than just a job board; it’s a comprehensive tool that handles all the nuances of freelance work. By managing the administrative overhead, we free up our cleaners to concentrate on delivering exceptional services. This aspect of Sweep not only improves job satisfaction but also elevates the quality of service that clients receive. This is apparent by the multiple 5-star reviews and positive feedback we receive. 

I'm Interested...but I'm a little Skeptical

If you are skeptical, that is completely normal! Ordering house cleaning services takes a leap of faith because you are allowing someone into your home. Rest assured, all of our Sweepers are background checked, interviewed, and happy to serve you. Sweep also is fully bonded and insured to protect your assets. If that’s not enough, Sweep is also involved in the South Kent and Rockford Chamber of Commerce, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and is heavily involved in community activities. You are dealing with REAL people who are in your community. 

Here’s what I want you to do; Download the app and just play around with it. You don’t have to place an order, but you can see what your pricing would be for various tasks. That’s more than you can do with any other cleaning service because we are being fully transparent with pricing. Then, if you feel that you can fit what you need into your budget, give it a try! We would love to serve you and show you how easy it can be to get your home cleaned. After all, many people order groceries and rides through apps…now you can order your house cleaning too!

A Vision for the Future

Starting Sweep was about creating a win-win situation where clients can easily book affordable cleaning services while cleaners find rewarding work. As we move forward, the mission of Sweep remains to revolutionize the cleaning industry, making it more accessible, efficient, and beneficial for everyone involved. By continuously improving and adapting our platform, we are setting new standards in the cleaning industry, ensuring that getting a clean home is as easy as clicking a button. 

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