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Sweep's Mission

Sweep is on a mission to make house cleaning services accessible to everyone. 

It is a common misconception that you need to be very wealthy to use house cleaning services. That simply is not true. With Sweep, you can customize your orders and only pay for what you need! 

Just need your kitchen and bathroom(s) done? Sweep can make that happen for under $100. 

There are so many busy professionals, parents, and individuals who value a clean home that do not order cleaning services. If you do not enjoy cleaning, or don’t have the time to, allow Sweep to help you out. You deserve it!

sweep app team at a cleaning

Empowering Local Cleaners

On the Sweep platform, we work with local cleaners in the area. We provide a platform that allows them to either progress co-dependently with Sweep, or work towards full independence to build their own business. 

The cleaning industry can be tough on individuals. Often times, cleaners will clean for little to no money just to get started. They may be great at cleaning, but not know how to market themselves, invoice, create a balanced schedule, etc. 

That’s where Sweep comes in. Our platform allows cleaners to earn as much as $40/hour! We do this by giving our Sweepers a share of each job, and increasing that share through successful cleanings. 

Sweep provides the jobs, does the marketing, and handles the payments. Then, Sweepers only have to focus on what they do best…cleaning!

Often times, Sweepers make more money with Sweep than they do on their own, so they opt to stay on our platform. However, there are some Sweepers that we help teach the ropes and provide jobs for while they work on building their portfolio on the side. 

Regardless of the journey, Sweep is here to help empower and build our cleaners up!


Community involvement is a huge part of Sweep. We are passionate about giving back and getting to know the communities we serve.

There is something about a clean and tidy town that makes it feel like home. Sweep is determined to beautify our communities inside and out! We do this by partnering with local businesses and taking action when the local chamber of commerce or city hall reaches out.

We are also passionate about our Great Lakes. That is why we partner with Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup to help ensure that we will continue to have fresh and clean water to enjoy for generations to come. 

There is always more we can do, so if you have an opportunity to help our community improve through cleaning, please email us at info@sweepllc.com.

Are you a business looking for cleaning help?

Who is behind the scenes?

sweep llc owner chris randall

Chris Randall, Owner

Chris is a dynamic entrepreneur from Muskegon, MI. His passion for cleanliness is rivaled only by the love for his Siberian Husky, Thor. He brings a refreshing approach to the cleaning industry, and wants to make it more accessible to all.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Chris honed his skills as an account manager at Pepsi for six years. There, he won the coveted "Dominate the Great Lakes" award in 2019 for excellence and account growth. However, the calling to entrepreneurship was strong, so Chris decided to venture on his own. That is when Sweep was born!

In his free time, you can find Chris enjoying his fish tanks, on the soccer field, indulging at a local eatery, or at Pere Marquette beach in the summer.

Since its inception in 2020, Sweep has been a testament to Chris's dedication to following his dreams versus taking the conventional path.

sweep vice president nicole stevens

Nicole Stevens, Vice President

Nicole Stevens is a testament to hard work and dedication. She has worked in the cleaning industry for the past two decades, specializing in industrial, commercial, and residential cleaning.

Nicole started off as a Sweeper, and was able to build a consistent client base to keep her busy. The passion, knowledge of the industry, and commitment shown towards her clients made it a no brainer to bring her into Sweep full time. Now she focuses on the growth of Sweep as Vice President and manages the day to day as District Manager. Her dedication to Sweep is unparalleled.

On her off time, Nicole enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring the peaceful environment of nature. This is her way to reset and recharge her internal batteries. Spending time with family is also very important to her, whether it's a weekend getaway or a simple family dinner.

sweep mascot thor wearing a sweep hat

Thor, Sweep Mascot

Thor is a siberian husky born on April 4, 2016. Thor has been his dad's #1 supporter for starting Sweep. It allows them to spend much more time together!

Thor enjoys car rides, long walks, and roaming through the woods hunting small critters. Although very active, Thor also loves a good lazy day and cuddle session.

He absolutely adores humans and will happily greet you with a resounding "WoooowwWooooww" which we think is husky for, "Please give me head or belly scratches."

Don't expect Thor to clean for you though. It is much more likely that he will leave you with a new sweater made out of his fur. He's a HAIRY boy which requires lots of vacuuming and lint rolling.

Make sure to say hi to Thor if you ever see him around. He's a very good boy and will happily accept your head pats!

compose logo

Compose, App Developer

Kyle, RJ, and Hunter work extremely hard at making sure the Sweep app is running smoothly and constantly improving. Based out of Muskegon, MI, Compose is a fantastic option for your development needs.

They go above and beyond to make sure your vision becomes a reality. They obsess over perfection. When they took over the Sweep app, there was so much to clean up on the back end. They guided us through what needed to be done and got straight to work. I guess you can say they are like Sweep, but for code!

Compose will continue to release amazing app features so that you can enjoy a more convenient and customized ordering process with Sweep!

Client Video Testimonials

“I was able to schedule when I wanted them to come, which services I wanted.. They were so considerate of me and my space."
Alyssa Meyer
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"It's customizable to your needs. The service itself was wonderful. I would absolutely recommend them."
Kassie Ahrens
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