Detailed checklist of important information and steps to take to become a Sweep Cleaner (AKA Sweeper).

If you want to become a Sweep cleaner, that is awesome! We are proud of you for taking a step towards running your own business and working on your own time. As a Sweeper, you will gain access to our database full of available cleaning jobs. All you have to do is accept them and they are yours to complete. It is super simple!

*Before diving in, we want to make sure that you are aware that Sweepers are independent contractors. This means that Sweepers run their own cleaning businesses, and use Sweep as a platform to find and accept jobs. With that being said, you are required to have general liability insurance, supplies/equipment, reliable transportation, and a cell phone with data.*

Here’s what you need to do to be a part of Sweep:

1. Email and express your interest in working with us.

2. You will be contacted by a representative who will talk you through specifics. This will be a call to make sure you understand what running your own business is like and that you are aware of any potential expenses.

3. We will run a background check on you.

4. We will send you all of the required paperwork needed to move forward.

5. We will set up a Zoom video meeting with you to go over details and questions you may have. This will give us a chance to get to know you and your goals as well. We will go over our standards of a cleaning, pay structure, and safety. We will also show you how to use the mobile app.

6. If approved, you will then be able to create a Sweeper profile on the app. From there, you can proceed with picking up cleanings. Next, it’s time to gain 5-star ratings and increase your earnings!

Make sure to checkout the “Sweeper Essentials Checklist” page for information, forms, and other requirements needed to become a Sweep cleaner.

sweep cleaner accomplished after cleaning