Become a Sweeper

Learn more about becoming a Sweeper

If you are interested in cleaning with Sweep, we would like to let you know everything you need to know so that you can make an educated decision. We would love to have you on our platform! 

Firstly, when cleaning with Sweep you are a 1099 contractor, not an employee. So, if you are looking for something with a set schedule and hourly rate… Sweep is not for you. 

Sweep is looking for experienced cleaners who are great communicators and know how to act on the fly. We are looking for that person who loves cleaning, building relationships with clients, and either a. looking to grow a large client base with Sweep, or b. looking to fill in their schedule as they build their own clientele on the side.

As a contractor, Sweep cannot dictate HOW you clean. However, we do have a set of requirements on WHAT is to be cleaned with each service. This keeps us consistent to clients, but also allows you to shine above others and get those recurring cleaning requests! 

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What do I need to become a Sweeper?

As a 1099 contractor, you must provide your own cleaning supplies/equipment (although Sweep does offer some great options for you). This includes various cleaning liquids, mop, vacuum, duster, rags, etc.  

General Liability Insurance is highly recommended. It protects you in the case of damage. For example, your cleaning liquid discolors someone’s stone counter top and costs thousands of dollars to replace. We work with an insurer who gets our Sweepers great rates, so please don’t hesitate to ask about that. 

You will also need a smart phone to navigate the Sweep App, reliable transportation to get to client’s homes, and the ability to build your own schedule.  

Sweep is always happy to recommend various supplies/equipment, but as a 1099 contractor, you are entitled to use whatever products/equipment you see fit. We do ask that you use pet/child safe cleaning liquids at residential properties.

Let's make some money!

Here’s the fun part. Sweep is unique in that we offer a progressive pay rate based on volume and performance. 

On the Sweep app, Sweepers are able to see their progress towards an earnings increase. It’s pretty intuitive because it allows you to know when you will earn more and gives you complete control of how fast you do it! 

There are 4 payment tiers: rookie, bronze, silver, and gold. All Sweepers start at rookie and work their way up based on 5-star ratings. 

Rookie – 60% earnings. Averages $18 – $22/hour. Starting rate. 

Bronze – 65% earnings. Averages $23 – $27/hour. 20 5-star cleanings. 

Silver – 70% earnings. Averages $28 – $32/hour. 200 5-star cleanings. 

Gold – 80% earnings. Averages $36 – $40/hour. 1000 5-star cleanings. 

With this system, you receive transparency in earnings and it rewards you for your hard work. Pay is not decreased from discounts given. For example, if Sweep offers a new client 10% off, that comes out of Sweep’s earning %, not yours. 

Tips are also not factored in. Clients can tip through the app or in person. These go 100% to the Sweeper (minus any transaction fees). 

These earnings apply to residential app cleanings. If you participate in any commercial Sweep clients, you will receive the 70% rate regardless of your ranking. 

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I'm in...what now?

If you’ve made it this far, then you just might be a great fit for Sweep! Here’s what you need to do to start the process:

  1. Email us at info@sweepllc.com and let us know your name, experience, and why you want to work with Sweep.
  2. We will reach out to you to verify you have all information needed. 
  3. After we reach out, you can download the Sweep app and make a profile. You will NOT be able to use the app until you are an approved cleaner and follow all steps. 
  4. Fill out all necessary paperwork (W9, contractor agreement, proof of insurance, copy of driver’s license).
  5. Start making some money!!!