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Sweep is a Grand Rapids, MI made house cleaning company. We pride ourselves on providing convenience to residential clients. We cater to the world of technology by providing easy to use scheduling through our mobile app. Sweep provides a fresh face to the cleaning industry. Place an order on the Sweep App and see what we’re all about!

Sweep currently services in Michigan. This includes: Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood, Grandville, East Grand Rapids, Ada, Allendale, Jenison, Comstock Park, Byron Center, Walker, Marne, Coopersville, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Grand Haven, and Holland. If you are unsure if you are in the serviceable area, type your ZIP code in the app and find out! If you would like to be notified when we expand to your area, follow us on social media (@cleanwithsweep) for updates!

We are a fully bonded/insured cleaning company. In any case of damage, theft, or cyber identity theft, you are covered. Our independent cleaners also carry their own General Liability insurance for damage they may cause. Order a cleaning worry free!

Absolutely. We have thoroughly background checked and personally interviewed all of our Sweepers. We are also bonded/insured so that you are protected in any event of theft or damage caused.

We’ve got you covered! Our Sweepers come equipped with all necessary supplies. This includes environmentally safe cleaning supplies. You can request to use your own if you have a preference.

A standard cleaning is what you get every time you order a room cleaning with Sweep. It is considered a top to bottom surface cleaning. It includes light fixtures, horizontal surfaces, appliance exteriors, sinks, tubs, toilets, mirrors, trash removal and vacuum/sweep/mop of all floors. This is limited to standard day to day messes (dust, dirt, etc). Any location that is unreachable without a ladder is excluded due to liability. Cleaners are not expected to clean under heavy furniture or fragile objects. See full list of each service and what is included with it HERE.

We offer a deep cleaning option in addition to any standard room cleaning order. This will include: baseboards/trim, switch and outlet plates, window trim/tracks, cabinet exteriors, entry doors (as needed), corner cobwebs, and vents.

Just order 1 deep clean service per room that you want deep cleaned. Ex. You order a kitchen and bathroom. To deep clean those in addition to a standard clean, you would order 2 deep clean options.

We do NOT offer: Carpet cleaning, furniture shampooing, cabinet organizing or wall washing services at this time.


Having our cleanings be pre priced is what separates us from other companies. This allows you to create orders fast and hassle free. We understand there are differences everywhere, but we have also found that subtle differences in square footage make little difference to the work output. Our cleaners use common sense to determine if a room size fits our standard range. For reference, we list the standard sizes as follows: living room 500 square feet, bedroom 300 square feet, kitchen 250 square feet, and bathroom 150 square feet. Anything less than or equal to those sizes fits the “standard cleaning.” There are also standards to the Add-On services. If you know a room is not standard but still want it cleaned, include that in the “notes” section of the app before placing an order and your Sweeper will adjust the price on site upon your approval. Communication is key to make the process run smoothly!

Move in/Move out cleanings are the solution for a complete cleaning experience for your new home or buyer. In addition to the standard cost of each room ordered, this option will include a deep cleaning in all rooms ordered, the inside of all cabinets, inside of the oven, and inside of the fridge. No need to order any other add on services besides for this. Home must be empty.

Apartment Turn cleanings are the solution for a complete cleaning experience to attract your next renter. In addition to the standard cost of each room ordered, this option will include a deep cleaning in all rooms ordered, the inside of all cabinets, inside of the oven, and inside of the fridge. No need to order any other add on services besides for this. Apartment must be empty. 

Not necessarily. Most people do for the first couple cleanings until they get use to the idea. Many chose to leave once the cleaner arrives, or they leave their keys/code at a noted location. You will have access to your Sweeper’s contact info to go over any specifics as well if you cannot be there.

You are able to cancel/reschedule your service for free outside of 24 hours of your scheduled service OR if your job hasn’t been picked up yet by a Sweeper. If (for example) you schedule a cleaning four hours from now and one of our Sweepers pick it up, you will have to pay a $25 cancellation fee if you change your mind.

If your cleaning situation is abnormal and it wasn’t noted on the order, you will be charged a $25 fee. If (for example) your living room is 3 times the size of a standard living room, your price will need to be adjusted to accommodate the extra work or you will need to cancel and pay the $25 fee. The same thing goes for unreported extreme cleaning situations. Any hazardous/unsafe cleanings are not covered by Sweep and you will need to order a cleaning from a specialist in those cases. Communication is key with Sweep.

If only part of the cleaning is abnormal/doesn’t fit our standard cleaning, you may either adjust on the price to get that part cleaned, or just cancel the abnormal cleaning and proceed with the rest of the cleaning.

Pets are a part of the family! We use Eco-friendly supplies that are safe for pets. We ask to know in advance if there are animals at the house so we can plan accordingly. If a Sweeper has to leave the cleaning situation prior to completion due to a pet being unfriendly and/or disruptive, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

We typically ask that any animals that may get in the way of our cleaning be either caged or put in a separate room during the service. If you have an animal on the loose and you are not home, note that with any instructions so only a Sweeper who is comfortable with animals will take the cleaning. Things can be taken case by case depending on your cleaner.

We strive to provide a universal experience, no matter which cleaner you get; however, there are always exceptions. If you were one of those exceptions, please email us: and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Our tech team works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Sometimes unexpected bugs happen, and we would love to hear what they are so we can improve your experience. Email our tech team:

We’re so happy to hear you want to join the team! To become a Sweeper (service provider), send an email to displaying your interest. You will then go through the process of partnering with Sweep!

For more info and a full list of what being a Sweeper entails, check out our Become A Sweeper page.

Sweepers are paid commission from each cleaning they provide. Their commission % is performance based, so the more 5-star cleanings completed, the higher % commission they are paid. The potential to make a serious portion of the earnings paired with the ability to make their own schedule makes being a Sweeper an awesome gig! Email if you are interested in becoming a Sweeper or visit our Become A Sweeper page for more info.

Payment is collected through the app after the cleaning is finished and submitted by your Sweeper. You will be notified, and can complete payment by opening up the job and selecting the “Pay” option. You will then be prompted to give an optional tip and can rate your cleaner out of 5-stars.

You may also leave cash tips for cleaners, but Sweep only takes credit/debit cards for the service itself.

Payment info is collected when you create the job and will be automatically charged 48 hours after the cleaning if you do not manually complete payment.

Absolutely! You are by no means required to tip, but it is a great gesture to show your Sweeper that they went above and beyond your expectations. You can tip at the end of each transaction through the app.

You can also hand them a cash tip as long as you clearly state that it is a tip. Please do not leave cash tips laying out for Sweepers as they are urged not to take them. We do not want any confusion with tipping and theft. Thank you for understanding!

Our rating system is important for both you and the Sweepers.

Why it’s important for you: You are able to see the quality of cleaner you are getting. We require at least a 4-star average to stay a Sweeper. When you have a bad experience, your ratings help weed out any bad eggs we may have. It also is a queue for us to follow up and try to fix the situation.

Why it’s important for Sweepers: When you rate a Sweeper 5 stars, it builds towards their growth in earning a higher percentage of each cleaning. It’s important to show your Sweeper some love if they made you happy!

Although we are confident in our Sweeper’s ability to provide our service safely, we understand that there can be certain situations that can cause discomfort. In a case where you feel physically threatened or unsafe, please contact your local police for immediate relief, as well as contacting us thereafter to address the situation. If your provider made you feel uncomfortable through anything non life threatening, please contact Sweep immediately to address the issue. You can always ask a Sweeper to leave if need be as well. Your safety is our priority, so we want to know of any potential issues.

For extra security, we have access to the date and time of service, the identification of your Sweeper, and the location of service. Having this allows us to notice any inconsistencies or anything abnormal. When anything stands out we will reach out to you and to the Sweeper to make sure everything okay.

You cannot change your order through the app after the cleaning has been submitted. You can communicate to the Sweeper (contact info is in the app) and they will contact management to change your order and/or price.

The quick answer is no. The longer answer is it can depend on your Sweeper. If it is a service your Sweeper is willing to provide, they will have to call management and quote a price. It shouldn’t be expected though.

Don’t worry, you’re covered! Sweep is fully bonded. We will take each case and investigate it to the best of our abilities using all of the available information and pictures. If we find our Sweeper guilty, they will immediately be relieved from being a Sweeper. We will file any serious cases with the police. Never make false claims against a Sweeper. If a claim is found to be purposefully falsified, you will be banned from using Sweep services and could face legal action.

You can absolutely refuse to have the pictures taken. By doing this, you are giving up your right to challenge the cleaning for quality to either have it fixed and/or refunded. These pictures are only used or internal quality control purposes. We will only post these pictures publicly if you give Sweep permission to.

Don’t worry, you’re covered! Both Sweep and each Sweeper are insured with General Liability insurance. We will be able to look into each case with before and after pictures and have a conversation with the Sweeper to see what may have happened. Sweepers don’t have a good reason not to report an incident, so there shouldn’t be any cases that you wouldn’t know about before they leave. If for some reason a Sweeper fails to report damage done, they could be relieved from being a Sweeper. If a claim is found to be purposefully falsified, you will be banned from using Sweep services and could face legal action.

Our Sweepers have the freedom of choosing any product combo/brands that they see fit. They are, however, required to use supplies that are kid/pet safe and are eco friendly. This creates a safer environment for everyone involved.

If you would like us to use your specific products, you may request that we do so in the notes section on the app.

Our Sweepers are highly encouraged to clean/disinfect their cleaning equipment. This is to prevent the passing along of germs/illness/pests from one home to another. For those with serious health risks, we recommend using a specialist in that area.

We are a A La Carte style cleaning service. This means we charge per room/service. Visit our Services & Pricing page for all pricing and what is included in each cleaning.

Yes. Our minimum purchase amount is $50 to send a cleaner out to your home.

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10 off first order with sweep