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Offices, property managers, and landlords

Welcome, and thank you for looking into Sweep! While Sweep is known for residential cleaning services on the Sweep App, we also work with multiple apartment communities, property managers, and landlords. 

We have cleaning teams on deck for your needs. Whether you need something in the mornings, evenings, or even weekends, Sweep can match you with Sweepers who can manage your schedule. Flexibility is our strong suit, and we often times can help with short notice situations when needed.  

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Competitive pricing

We understand that price is the most important factor for most landlords. Sweep offers very customizable service options so that you can cater cleanings to your budget. We can add/remove areas or even change frequency to keep you on track. 

We pay our cleaners well above average which leaves us with a pretty small cut. That is because we value the long term relationship with our clients. When cleaners feel valued, they are more focused on taking great care of you. Therefore, you work with Sweep for years to come! 

Whether you choose to work with Sweep or not, we do encourage you to make sure that your cleaner is background check certified, fully bonded/insured, has references, and has the capacity to handle your workload (which are all qualities of Sweep 😉)

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48-hour satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee. Doesn’t get much better than that. We’re human…sometimes we miss things! If you aren’t happy with our work, let us know with photos within 48 hours, and we will either fix the issue or refund you for the area of concern. Whenever possible, we like to walk the cleaning with the property manager to ensure expectations are being met. 

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Full bonded & insured

Sweep is bonded and fully insured with a general liability policy. We also carry a Workers Comp policy. All Sweepers are background check certified to ensure there’s only top quality individuals on your premises. We are happy to provide a W9 and COI once we begin working together!


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Business types we serve.

To clarify our areas of expertise, below is a list of building/business types that we service frequently. If your area is not listed, you can always ask!

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Size doesn't matter!

We can send you one Sweeper or a team of Sweepers. We service very large, multi-building common areas as well as the tiniest 4-plex entry ways. If you are looking for regular cleanings in your common areas, we would be happy to help! Plus we discount higher based on frequency. 

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Carpet cleaning is available!

Sweep would be happy to round out your unit turn cleaning with a full set of fresh carpets! Rooms must be empty. Not all Sweepers are equipped, so please let us know in advance. Here is our pricing for common 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments:

1 bedroom – $120 

2 bedroom – $160 

3 bedroom – $200

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Check out the Sweep App

To fully understand Sweep, we encourage you to check out our app! Sure, we can help with your business, but you’ve also got an option in Sweep to help YOU around the house. See what we can help with. 

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