The Sweeper starter kit gets any cleaner set up with the proper tools to succeed. After purchasing this kit, all you will need is a vacuum and mop. Plus, using these products guarantees that you are using eco-friendly/natural products safe for children and pets. It also keeps it consistent from cleaner to cleaner so that everyone has a great Sweep experience! Here’s what is included:

  1. Cleaning Caddy
  2. Scrub Brush
  3. All Purpose Cleaner
  4. Kitchen Cleaner
  5. Bathroom Cleaner
  6. Floor Cleaner
  7. Glass Cleaner
  8. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  9. 25 Microfiber Cloths
  10. Razor Blade
  11. 25 Shoe covers
  12. 3 Scrub Pads

May either pay to Sweep or take credit from your next cleaning payout.