Sweeper Required Documents

We look forward to working with you. Now for the fun part... paperwork!

Thank you so much for considering Sweep as your partner in cleaning. We can’t wait to get you set up and start making some serious cash. Before we get you up and running, we are going to need some paperwork from you. Your Sweep onboarding manager will send you all the required documents needed so that you can send them back quickly. You should be able to fill these forms out online through DocuSign, but you may also print and scan them back. Some of the requirements are as follows:

  • W9 – For reporting earnings for taxes.
  • Contract agreement – this is the agreement between you and Sweep. Make sure to read this thoroughly for a full understanding of all policies and requirements. 
  • Driver’s license – for background check and proof of identity. 
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance – protects you if you damage something substantial. Typically a very affordable policy. Ask your onboarding manager for a recommendation to get you a quote if you don’t already have this. Plus, you can write this cost off on your taxes.
  • Bank direct deposit – so you can get paid!

After you have completed all the required documents, make sure to download the Sweep app and create an account. This will be your hub for logging completed jobs and accepting new jobs. Your account will have to get approved by a Sweep admin, so you can’t bypass the process.

sweeper cleaning bath tub sweep app
sweep cleaning products. Sweeper store.

Important supplies to make sure you have before starting.

Now let’s talk about your tools of the trade. You’re going to need supplies to clean with, and we want to make sure you are prepared with everything you might need. Remember: keep all receipts as you can write these expenses off on your taxes. 

Tools: cleaning caddy, various scrub brushes, mop, vacuum, duster, shoe covers, razor blade, toilet brush, microfiber cloths, scouring pads, Sweep shirts (you will get a couple to start).

Cleaning liquids: all purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, degreaser, glass cleaner, wood polish, stone cleaner, air freshener.

Sweep highly recommends that you use Green Seal Certified products. This creates a safe environment for the families you clean for and is healthier for you to be around on a regular basis. Sweep offers Green Seal Certified products at a low cost in the Sweeper Store. This is to encourage uniformity on products between Sweepers, save you money on products, and create a sustainable and healthy environment for you to clean in.