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Absolutely, pets are a part of the family! We use Eco-friendly supplies that are safe for pets. The client should let us know if there are any potential problematic animals before you arrive in the notes. We typically ask that any animals that may get in the way of our cleaning be either caged or put in a separate room during the service. Things can be taken case by case depending on your preference. If you do not want to deal with pets, steer clear of cleanings that identify with having animals.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What is Included in Each Cleaning?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Please refer to the Services/Pricing page for a detailed description about what is included with each service.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What is Included in a Move In/Move Out Cleaning?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Move in/Move out cleanings are complete cleanings of an empty home. For all rooms ordered, this option will include the standard cleaning PLUS a deep cleaning, inside of all kitchen/bathroom cabinets, inside of 1 fridge, and inside of 1 oven. This option should fully take care of a client’s moving needs. 

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What is Included in an Apartment Turn?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Apartment Turn cleanings are complete cleanings of an empty apartment. For all rooms ordered, this option will include the standard cleaning PLUS a deep cleaning, inside of all kitchen/bathroom cabinets, inside of 1 fridge, and inside of 1 oven. This option should fully take care of a client’s need for a clean apartment to rent. 

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Can I Be Requested by a Client?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

There currently isn’t an app feature for that. Clients can, however, put a cleaner’s name in the notes section. Cleaners must use the honor system in these cases, and it is not guaranteed.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Can I Trust Going into Client’s Homes?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Absolutely. Sweep has all of the client’s information at hand, and we have access to cleaning times and addresses. If something is wrong, we have all the information needed to send help. With that being said, if you are ever uncomfortable with a client, their home, or the task at hand, leave immediately and contact us so we can figure out a solution.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Do I Need Cleaning Supplies/Equipment?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Yes. You are an independent contractor. All supplies and equipment can be written off as business expenses for tax purposes, so make sure to keep track. Our only requirement is that cleaning supplies are pet/child safe. Use equipment that will best represent yourself and your work. We also have a list of recommended supplies. If clients request that you use their specific equipment or supplies, feel free to do so.
Examples of some equipment are a vacuum, mop, broom, rags, sponge, toilet brush, gloves, etc. Some supplies would include area specific cleaners like window, stone, stainless steel, etc. See full list on our recommended supplies page.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Do Clients Have to be Home During Cleanings?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Not necessarily. Most people do for the first couple cleanings until they get use to the idea. Many choose to leave once the cleaner arrives, or they leave their keys/code at a noted location.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What is the Cancellation Policy?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Clients are able to cancel/reschedule the service for free outside of 24 hours of their scheduled service OR if their job posting hasn’t been picked up yet by a Sweeper.

If (for example) they schedule a cleaning two hours out and you pick the job up, they will have to pay a cancellation fee if they decide to cancel.

The cancellation fee is $25. Clients also have to pay the fee if you arrive to the home and have to refuse the cleaning service due to it not being standard. You can always adjust the prices with management if you are still willing to clean the home however.

You will receive the cancellation fee minus any processing fees.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Where Do We Service?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]Sweep currently services in Michigan. This includes: Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood, Grandville, East Grand Rapids, Ada, Allendale, Jenison, Comstock Park, Byron Center, Walker, Marne, Coopersville, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Grand Haven, and Holland. If you would like to be notified when we expand to your area, follow us on social media (@cleanwithsweep) for updates![/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Tech/App Issues?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Our tech team works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Sometimes unexpected bugs happen, and we would love to hear what they are so we can improve your experience. Email our tech team: tech@sweepllc.com

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”How Are We Paid? ” open=”no” class=”” id=””]Sweepers are paid commission from each cleaning you provide. Your commission % is performance based, so the more 5-star cleanings completed, the higher % commission you are paid. The potential to make a serious portion of the earnings paired with the ability to make your own schedule makes being a Sweeper an awesome gig! *Tips are all bonus*

Here’s a detailed breakdown:
Rookie: 60% commission on all services. Upgrade to next level after 20 5-star rated cleanings.
Bronze: 65% commission on all services. Upgrade to next level after 200 5-star rated cleanings.
Silver: 70% commission on all services. Upgrade to next level after 1000 5-star rated cleanings.
Gold: 80% commission on all services. Maxed level.
[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Can I Accept Tips?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Yes. Clients will be able to tip you through the app after each cleaning if they feel that you went above and beyond! They are not required to, however. You receive 100% of the tips (minus any processing fees). NEVER take cash tips left out for you. This could leave you liable for theft which would result in removal from the Sweep platform. Better safe than sorry and just let the app handle it. If a client insists on a cash tip, it must be given to you with the clear intent of it being a tip (handed to you, verbal acknowledgement, or a note stating it is for you).

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What Do I Do if I’m Having Problems with Kids and/or Pets at a Location?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]If you are experience any problems with outside distractions like pets or kids, it is appropriate to kindly ask the person in charge to take the distraction away so that you can complete your duties to the best of your abilities. If there still is not cooperation with no solution in sight, kindly leave the home and we will figure out another solution case by case.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What Do I Do if I Damage Something?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Report any incidents immediately to your manager, take pictures, and contact your personal insurance. Also, let the client know about the situation right away if they don’t already know, and assure them that it is covered and will be taken care of.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if I Dislike Working for a Certain Client?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

We get that not all clients and Sweepers are perfect matches. If you are currently working with a client that you are having issues with, do your best to complete the task and still leave them happy. Take note of that particular client and don’t pick up jobs posted by them in the future. If any sort of altercation is or is going to occur, leave immediately to avoid the conflict and call management to help resolve the issue.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if a Job is More Work than Described in the App?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Any incidents where the work is over the top, report to a manager immediately. For example, if you are scheduled to do a living room cleaning and they expect you to do an extra large living room space plus other connecting areas, we will have to adjust the pricing.

If you walk into something like a hoarder’s home, kindly explain that Sweep is a top to bottom surface cleaning in normal circumstances and that their situation requires a much more in depth service. You can refuse service to jobs like that, just be in contact with management so that we can try to recommend another service for them so that they at least know there is another solution.

Don’t be afraid to say no and/or adjust pricing if you feel that the job is abnormal.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Can I Do Additional Services Upon Request?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

It is ultimately up to you, the Sweeper, to decide if you want to provide additional services that you are capable of. In this case, contact a manager so that they can add the service to the bill. For example, if a customer wants to add on a refrigerator cleaning and didn’t order it, you could still do it as long as we add it to the bill.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Can I Do Unlisted Services?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Try to stay away from doing services we don’t offer through the app, but if it is something that is similar to a service provided or you have the skills/tools to perform it, it is possible. With any additional services, contact management so that we can add it to the bill. With an unlisted service, you would need to work with management to quote the service first. If the customer agrees to the quote, you can proceed. Never feel obligated to accept an unlisted service, you can decline without question.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if I get Hurt on the Job?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

If you get hurt, report it to management and to your personal insurance. If you are injured because a client put you in an unsafe or hazardous situation, they may be liable to cover your medical expenses either out of pocket or through their homeowner’s policy. Each case is unique, so we will take it step by step with each situation.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What If I’m Late for a Job?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Two of Sweep’s biggest values are communication and honesty. Be honest if you are running late. Contact the client and explain to them that you are running late. If the client doesn’t want service with you, it is their right to cancel the job free of charge. In either situation, report to management that you were late and still able to complete the job, or that you were late and the job was cancelled. We need to know these things so that we have on record where you are and at what time for you and the client’s safety.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if the Client isn’t Home, and I Cannot get into the Location to Clean?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

In any case where you are unable to perform your duties, contact the client first for clarification. If you are unable to get a response or clear answer, contact management. In some cases you will have to move on and the client will be charged a cancellation fee. Take it case by case and work through it with management.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if my Payment is Wrong?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]Though unlikely, mistakes happen. Contact management with your concerns. We will look into your job history and either fix the payment or explain why the payment is actually correct. Every transaction is recorded, so it is usually an easy fix.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if I Forget to Submit my Cleaning Through the App?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

If you forget to log a cleaning, report it to management as soon as possible. Please don’t forget to log your cleanings. We use these as records for your work and for time/location data for your safety. If you forget, we have to reach out to the client to confirm that the cleaning was completed.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Do I get Reimbursed for Expenses?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Since you are an independent contractor, Sweep does not reimburse you for you cleaning/travel/tech expenses. You are running your own business, so track all of your expenses and report them on your taxes. You may be reimbursed by the government. There may be specific one-off situations you would be reimbursed for, but Sweep would let you know in those types of situations.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if I Have to Cancel my Cleaning?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

If you cannot make it to a cleaning, contact management immediately so that we can try to schedule someone else to the job. We may have to cancel their cleaning if it is too short of notice, so let us know as soon as possible.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What if I have to Cancel Mid-Cleaning?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

In any emergency situation that you need to tend to, let management know immediately so we can figure out a solution. Let the client know as well, and tell them what has or hasn’t been cleaned from their order. In an excusable situation (ex. medical), you will still be paid for your completed work.

If you leave mid cleaning due to a disturbance from the client (ex. health/safety issue), the client will be charged for the cancellation, and you will at least be paid the fee (potentially more depending on your progress).

If you leave mid cleaning for an unjust reason (ex. it’s taking too long), then you will only be paid for what is done and may be removed from the use of Sweep depending on the scenario.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Do I Have to Clean/Change my Supplies After Each Cleaning?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]You are highly encouraged to clean/disinfect your cleaning equipment after each use. This is to prevent the passing along of germs/illness/pests from one home to another. Dispose of any supplies that you feel has been exposed to hazardous/unsafe conditions. A quick wipe down with a disinfectant is a great idea for safety.

If you are found guilty for bringing in pests (ex. Bed Bugs) to a clients home, you may be responsible for reparations. This would include sorting it out with the client and calling your insurance provider.

Tip: Have a separate vacuum or ask to use the client’s vacuum if they have pets. This will prevent the spread of allergens from pet to non pet homes.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Can I Refuse Service?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is situational. If you are uncomfortable with the client and feel unsafe, leave immediately. If the work is not as described, you also may refuse. There could be other situations as well, but in any situation contact management so that we know what is going on and can help with a solution.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”How Often do I get Paid?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

You get paid 3-5 business days after every cleaning.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”What Do I Have to Do for Taxes?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Fill out a form 1099 that we will send you, and then send it to the IRS. Don’t forget to input all of your expense information (mileage, phone plan, supplies) as you may be eligible for reimbursement.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Is There a Limit to how many Cleanings I can Perform in a Single Day?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

There is no limit since you are considered an independent contractor. Please be safe and ensure that you can still perform the tasks to the best of your abilities. There is no overtime pay.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Why Don’t I Get Paid All of the Commission?” open=”no” class=”” id=””]

Although you do all of the physical work, Sweep works hard to facilitate the relationship between you and the clients. We act as a portal to provide you with several options of service for your convenience. We also have multiple expenses to account for including the technology for the app, website, phone lines, and labor for management (to name a few) to help guide you and to handle abnormal situations.  Our cut also allows us to run promotions without it hitting your commission as well.

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