Vacation Rental Cleaning

vacation rental cleaning

Sweep can help clean and/or manage your vacation rentals.

If you own a vacation rental like an air bnb or vrbo, we understand how difficult it can be to keep up with the cleaning, maintenance, and various other amenities. 

We also know how rewarding it is to make that extra income and change people’s lives by offering an experience where they can make new memories. 

Sweep has a solution to make the process run smoothly! Whether you are looking for someone to just come and clean after guests, or a more hands on approach, Sweep has an option for you!

The basic option is for Sweep to just handle cleanings.

For the owner who either wants to save a little cash or be more hands on with their rentals, this is the option for you.

Essentially, you can just order a cleaning from the Sweep app just like a normal cleaning. By selecting each room, you will receive a standard cleaning in each room. If cleaning is all you desire, you can save a lot of time and headache by using the Sweep app as needed. 

Make sure to reach out to us before you start though! It’s always good to know which clients are vacation rentals so that we can accommodate anything specific to your rental. 

Also, let us know your typical turnover rate (how often your vacation rental has guests). We would be happy to create a custom promo code for you to save some cash on each order for using our services regularly. 

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vacation rental cleaning

This management option is for Sweep to manage your vacation rental.

For the owner who values their time and piece of mind, this option is for you. 

Sweep offers a hands on vacation rental service by not only cleaning after each guest, but doing so much more! Here’s what we offer with the management option:

  • Cleaning after each guest
  • On site laundry 
  • Fill essentials (toilet paper, toiletries, spices, etc.). 
  • Full inspections after each guest. Letting you know of any damage or issues.
  • Letting you know when supplies need to be ordered.
  • Putting trash to the curb.

With this option, the only other things you really need for your rental to run itself are a maintenance guy, lawn care, and admin work!

Let us know if you would like to start your vacation rental on the management option so that we can chat about your specific needs.  

Let's talk pricing for both of our vacation rental cleaning options.

Basic option:

  • Cost is based on the rooms ordered. Pricing is the same as a normal order in the Sweep app.
  • For frequent users, you will receive a promo code to save between 5% and 20% on each cleaning. Amount depends on typical turnover rate. 

Management option:

  • Price also is initially based on the rooms ordered. This is also the same as a normal order in the Sweep app.
  • There is an added management fee for this option. The cost of this is $30 in addition to each order. This can increase with any abnormal circumstances. This would be discussed before starting. 
  • Frequent users would be given a discounted rate between 5% and 20%. Amount depends on typical turnover rate.  
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vacation rental cleaning

Here's an example of what a typical vacation rental order might look like.

Let’s go over a scenario for each option and what pricing would be for a simple 1 bed/1 bath home.

Specs: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room.

Turnover rate: 1 guest per week. 20% discount given. 

Basic option: $90 at full price. $72 with discount.

We would clean after each guest and make it presentable for the next guest. Does not include laundry or any management tasks. Will make beds if linens are clean and present. 

Management option: $120 at full price. $96 with discount. 

This client needs: laundry (bedding and towels), fill hand soap, body wash, conditioner, shampoo, salt, pepper, paper towel, toilet paper, and coffee grounds/filters. Trash day is Tuesday. We report to the client for any noticeable damage or problems with the property. 

We hope you can get a good idea of your pricing based off of this example. Sweep looks forward to cleaning your vacation rental and helping you stay on top of it!